Beautiful Outdoor Furniture For The Restaurant: Ideas

It’s simple to envision George and Sally Mayer enjoying their morning java gazing at the Connecticut River, sharing dinner on the patio or sipping on wine in their cosy courtyard.

Sally Mayer used to adore color in her garden, but she has swapped pastel blue, lavender and pink blooms for the tranquility of white.

In the 50 containers of annuals placed around her property, including her wrap around veranda and courtyard, all her blossoms are white and accented by green or variegated leaves.

At her Essex home overlooking the Connecticut River, the water and the heavens can transform to slate blue to gray. White blooms work no matter the weather.

“I spend so much time around it, I came to like the more peaceful, calm quiet of white.”

take your furniture indoors

She raised their family and recently completed a renovation of the house. When she first moved in, she espoused shade — she’d a a room that was green and also a red room. Now on the cusp of turning 69, she favors her insides toned down. There’s a great local business web application you can use to find any awesome furniture store around.

Outside, she pairs and spikes and her petunias, geraniums, alyssum and New Guinea impatiens together. She emphasize the blooms with containers of topiaries that add dimension and height. A stand of tall grasses and white hydrangeas border the rear lawn.

By creating this retreat, work is taken. Before she stores, a comprehensive list is written by Mayer. (The variety is better before Mother’s Day, so she keeps her annuals on a table close to the house, covered with a sheet at night, until after the danger of frost has passed.)

Everything is planted in black wrought iron urns, stone urns or cement pots. On the section of veranda facing the river, she has selected cream-coloured furniture. Turn a corner, along with the bench, chairs, tables and chaise sofas nearby the pool are black wrought iron with seat cushions that are white.

In the pebbled courtyard area in front of her house, three white wooden benches face a water feature, each bench book-ended having a pot of petunias that are white. The Mayers love a glass of wine there, relaxing to the soothing hum of the bubbling water.

The white blooms give the clean straight lines of furniture and the pool with a soft contrast (something a furniture store can help you design). Even the birdhouse is white, and its particular post stands framed by white New Guinea impatiens that are surrounded on both sides by walls of boxwood, square that is pruned to evoke an English garden.

Mayer, that has been creating gardens since the age of 6 and has managed several house renovations, thought of everything. Viburnum – and the flowering trees – dogwoods sprout white blooms, and, on the side yard, birch trees appear to have inspired the poolside’s black and white décor.

The house, with its natural shingles, white trim and black shutters, serves as an understated, yet stately backdrop, so the eye is drawn past the tall grasses and rolling lawn to the ever changing river.

“With my decorating, it will not fight with anything.” As she gazes out the family room window from her ivory seat, she says, “It Is all about what is available.”

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